December 2019 - Kieffer | Starlite

The Hurry and the Wait of Due Diligence

The “diligence” in “due diligence” is one of the most crucial aspects of signage, especially when dealing with multiple municipalities. On this episode of MarketScale’s Pro A/V podcast, Courtney McDaniel, Director of Client Services for Kieffer | Starlite, sat down with Sean Heath to discuss the fact that a quick and thorough start to a permitting process can help with the unavoidable wait that follows.

In today’s fast-paced environment, clients can get ahead of themselves when pursuing their signage goals. A recent situation demonstrates the need for information before beginning construction, McDaniel said. “What they did not know, what they did not ask before going into construction, was that the roof line comes into play for this city and their signage could not go above their roof line.”

The value a signage expert provides is quite substantial, explained McDaniel. “With our expertise, in terms of city codes, and also, taking it a step further, with our manufacturing and installation logistics, we can execute a signage program that’s just going to run so much more smoothly and be that much more effective.”

Municipal regulations can be a significant factor in a customer’s decision to open a location in that city.

“We have certain cities here locally, in North Texas, where they restrict what colors can be on a given sign,” McDaniel said. “We can inform the customer if they might be better off just looking elsewhere. Even just moving a couple of miles east or west of where they’re going, so they fall into another city’s jurisdiction.”

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Facility Manager Podcast

LISTEN: Is Your Outdoor Signage Driving Away Business?

Facility Manager Podcast
Possibly one of the most important aspects of a commercial business or facility is sometimes the last thing that is addressed by business owners or Facility Managers. Outdoor signage has the power to drive more traffic to your business, while also doing the opposite for poorly lit signs. Tyler Neubauer, National Signage Consultant with Kieffer | Starlite discusses best practices and strategies to leverage your outdoor signage.  Code checks and permitting may throw an unexpected curve ball into your plan, so engaging early in the signage process with a signage consultant and manufacturer can pay off long-term.  Planning is a crucial element, along with discussing your concepts and expectations upfront to create the optimal solution.

Click here to listen to our podcast  hosted by Javier Lozano, Jr., who creates a series of podcasts focused towards helping Facility and Property Managers.

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