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Safety Protocols are in Place and Our Facilities are Operational to Support Businesses

The impact of COVID-19 is the most significant global crisis we have experienced in our 65 years of operation. The ongoing pandemic continually impacts millions of people and thousands of businesses. Our team has been navigating through operational challenges ranging from employee safety to mandated stay-in-home orders. Our number one priority remains in the health and safety of our employees and supporting our customers. On behalf of the entire Kieffer | Starlite organization, our thoughts go out to the families and businesses impacted by this crisis. Although the timing is uncertain, we believe together we will make it through this. Stay safe and healthy.

This resource page provides the latest updates from our company, and additional resources related to COVID-19.

Company Updates

3.26.20 – To support our customers and other essential businesses, our teams are quickly designing prototypes and engineering products that can meet the safety needs of their employees.  Each company has a unique design and installation needs, so we are capable of utilizing our CNC routers, and acrylic materials to custom fabricate products such as sneeze guards and barriers – just to name a few products we see in response to COVID-19.

We have also received requests to support temporary graphics and signage.  Our teams are actively working to support businesses and do our part to help with the safety needs during this time.   We are thankful for our employees who continue to adapt to the dynamic workplace to support businesses and adhere to changing internal safety measures.  For more details on custom product needs, please call our team at 800.659.2493, or you can email

3.24.20 – Amidst the stay-at-home orders implemented throughout the U.S., our leadership has implemented various policies focused on keeping our employees safe. While the landscape is continually changing, we are quickly adapting. Essential staff is working on a rotation schedule to following CDC guidelines, as well as additional cleaning protocols. All non-essential staff is working remotely during regular business hours. Our shipping protocols are updated daily through new routes and safety measures for deliverables and receivables.

We are adjusting policies to help our customers during this time and sustain operations for when we resume normal operations. We are thankful to have the team and systems in place to position our company to continue to operate and support our customers. If you have specific concerns or needs during this time, please do not hesitate to ask. As a custom fabricator, we are here to support each other and will assist in any way we can to do our part to come back stronger together.

3.16.20 – We have continued to monitor and communicate safety measures and our business contingency plan in response to the evolving impact of COVID-19. Our commitment to our employee’s safety and customers’ needs remains at the forefront of our business. We will continue to monitor this rapidly changing situation and evaluate additional measures to support our employees and customers as needs arise. Below are a few highlights of our operations:


We are monitoring recommendations from the CDC, as well as state and local governments for each of our locations. Many team members have the opportunity to work remotely and continue to ensure project delivery with minimal impact on their jobs and customers they serve.

Material Suppliers

Our incoming raw materials and outgoing finished goods supply chain are in a favorable position looking ahead over the next six months. We have immediate needs, and future needs raw material components on hand and available through our supplier consignment and warehouse stocking programs. This includes ample stock of potential long lead time items with foreign components such as LED lights and power supplies.

Manufacturing Operations

With four company-owned locations throughout the U.S., we can shift production as needed to accommodate our production needs. Combined, we have over 250,000 Sq. Ft. of manufacturing capacity and can fabricate redundantly at each facility. Our facilities continue to operate regular production hours.

Installation and Service Teams

Our in-house installation and service teams and an extensive network of install partners continue to complete the installation without interruption.

We are thankful to have the team and systems in place to position our company to continue to operate and support our customers. If you have specific concerns or needs during this time, please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to continuing to help support our employees and customers during this time of uncertainty. Thank you for your trust in Kieffer| Starlite.

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