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Benefits of Developing Sign Standards

Logo development, website design, and other online channels have a brand vision process; sign design is the same. Often an afterthought, planning how signage can support your brand creates long-term benefits. Sign standards become a blueprint for your brand. You can save time and money by creating consistency and rules around how your signage communicates with the public.

Working with a turnkey partner like Kieffer | Starlite, we have the experience to develop standards that can be included in your overall brand book and grow with your company. Our team develops sign standards that meet your vision and budget.

Here are a few tips to consider when developing sign standards.

What impact can signage make for your business? Signage is an extension of your sales/marketing departments, and the more you include in your planning, the greater the impact potential you will have. Impact also includes attracting new customers. Branding your location(s) in the consumer’s mind will not only create brand awareness but can generate impulse sales. We establish a variety of sign types to support your business needs and its unique design. Material selection creates the right look, and other branding elements such a vinyl graphics or adding a storefront canopy can further enhance your impact.

How will your logo translate to a sign? Your logo should carry through all mediums in your branding. It is common for some companies to have a modified logo for signage or a few variations to allow for the right look. In some cases, particularly in the restaurant industry, our sign designs end up being the basis for the logo the business will utilize moving forward.

How can we have one design standard for all locations? Your sign standards may contain various sizes and styles of all sign types in your program, allowing you to meet local codes and landlord requirements. Working with our team, we review the codes, provide you with a revised design that meets your brand standard, and achieves permit approval. With signage as part of your brand book, you can ensure brand continuity.

Should lighting be included in our sign standards? Yes. There are numerous considerations when specifying lighting for your signage. Do you need your sign illuminated 24/7? Achieving your brand colors when the sign is illuminated also impacts design and material selection. Having sign standards established, you can achieve effectiveness during the construction process by ensuring the necessary electrical wiring and power boxes are present to power your sign based on installation guidelines. You can work ahead if design changes are needed due to lighting ordinances as well.


Good sign design can make a strong market impact and promote your brand – day and night!


Canopies, rooftop structures, and additional branding elements can attract customers.


A thoughtful sign design can become the logo and branding you carry throughout your business.

Whether you have one location or have a plan for future growth, developing sign standards is an extension of your upfront branding plan. Our team can help you establish a consistent look that will benefit your brand and, ultimately, your business. Contact our team if you are interested in creating standards or are considering updating your standards. We are here to help!

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