Exterior Thermoformed Signage - Benefits to our manufacturing process

Exterior Thermoformed Signage

Kieffer | Starlite has a  wide range of fabrication capabilities to meet any signage and branding project’s needs.  Our company-owned manufacturing facilities continue to evolve to handle the workload. We can offer another approach for your signage needs based on cost and delivery by having in-house thermoforming capabilities.  We are your single-source partner for your signage program.

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The Thermoforming Manufacturing Process

The thermoforming manufacturing process has been utilized in the sign industry for a long time to create a wide variety of interior and exterior signs. Flat and formed faces are made using a single sheet of material and heating it to a pliable forming temperature. The sheet is then pressed into a customized mold, trimmed, and decorated to create the sign face.
Once we complete the design, our team utilizes a CNC router to create the mold, which can be reused. Custom mold cost savings are achieved overtime for national sign programs that use the same sign at multiple locations. After the mold is created, we utilize per specification – polycarbonate or acrylic materials – to make the sign face through the thermoforming process.

Benefits of Thermoformed Signs

A thermoformed exterior sign is ideal for all market segments. We discuss this approach based on identifying the branding and performance needs of the signage program. Overall the thermoformed sign face has greater structural integrity than a standard flat face. Our thermoforming process is ideal for geographic areas where the elements create the need for a more durable sign, especially when dealing with larger face sizes.

One of the most prominent advantages of this process is the 3-dimensional design you can create using embossing or debossing effects. We can achieve almost any desired shape with our max sign face finished size of 8′ x 16′. Through first and second surface finishes utilizing paint, vinyl, and digital printing, there are endless customization options that can be specified to make your brand stand out.

Quality and Experience

Our in-house thermoforming capabilities reside in our North Carolina manufacturing facility. With over 80,000 sq. ft. of space, our team has the experience you can trust to create a superior finished product. From product design to our detailed process, ensuring a quality finished product, our team has the craftsmanship expect from Kieffer | Starlite. Click here to learn more or receive a quote on your next signage project.