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Commercial Signs for the Hospitality Industry

Kieffer | Starlite is an experienced partner for national hospitality brands.  Our team understands the importance of a powerful and consistent brand experience for hotels, resorts, lodging, and more.   We help advise on local ordinances and create a welcoming environment for guests and patrons.  Whether your needs are national or local, our team works to ensure brand standards are met and a strong image is created.

We are a leading turnkey provider for signage and lighting solutions for outstanding brands from coast to coast:

  • Signage Design
  • Location Drawings
  • Code Review, Submittals, and Permitting
  • Production Scheduling
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation Management
  • Service and Maintenance Requests

Connect with us to explore ways we can help improve your signage program or help with your upcoming property needs.

Project Spotlights for Hospitality Brands:
Sign Restoration and New Branding for Historic Hotel
Exterior Signage for Hotel and Convention Center

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