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Commercial Signs for the Hospitality Industry

Kieffer | Starlite is an experienced partner for national hospitality brands.  Our team understands the importance of a powerful and consistent brand experience for hotels, resorts, lodging, and more.   We help advise on local ordinances and create a welcoming environment for guests and patrons.  Whether your needs are national or local, our team works to ensure brand standards are met and a strong image is created.

We are a leading turnkey provider for signage and lighting solutions for outstanding brands from coast to coast:

  • Signage Design
  • Location Drawings
  • Code Review, Submittals, and Permitting
  • Production Scheduling
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation Management
  • Service and Maintenance Requests

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In the competitive industry that is hospitality, a successful business stands out among its peers. A conspicuous company will create more interest than its conservative counterparts, resulting in increased reservations, improved sales, higher profits, enhanced guest experiences, brand loyalty, and more satisfactory customer service overall.

Signage for hospitality, both digital and static, is vital in guaranteeing maximum visibility to clients. The best commercial hospitality signs will help ensure a smooth experience for a client, whether it be easily identifiable branding on a building, internal wayfinding and direction-giving signs, a quick-glance guide to answering customers’ Frequently Asked Questions, or an information point.

The importance of brand loyalty cannot be overstated. Repeated positive interactions with a particular hospitality franchise greatly improves the likelihood of long-term loyalty by consumers. Prominent branding for hospitality companies helps the client become familiar with the accommodation chain, which associates the company as a reliable enterprise and continues brand loyalty.

Consumer awareness is a central part of creating brand loyalty within the hospitality industry. This is significantly achieved through brand recognition, which is a primary function of hospitality signage. Uniform signage of a hotel chain is essential for this purpose. A superior hospitality sign company will ensure that the color scheme, corporate logo, and hotel name are conveyed throughout the property, both internally and externally, with consistency and class.

Hospitality signage must be bold, highly visible, and consistent in its presentation. It must appear in multiple formats, on various backdrops, and of differing sizes.

A significant part of the purpose of exterior signage is brand recognition. A large overhanging sign bearing a hotel or lodging’s name ensures the premises is clearly identified and easily accessible. It creates a feeling of familiarity with the brand and reassurance of a high-quality establishment. Likewise, a hotel’s brand name or logo distinctly broadcast from the façade of the lodging makes the company instantly recognizable.

Interior signage is equally important. Internal wayfinding and directional signs such as directions and guides to the premises, identification signs such as restrooms and room numbers, and branding signs using the company name, logo, and/or color scheme are important to ensuring the customer enjoys their experience at your company.

As a sign company for the hospitality industry, Kieffer | Starlite is well-placed on both the local and interstate platforms. Our dedicated team works in all aspects of branding, and signage for hospitality, to create the best experience for customers and the highest profits for businesses.

When choosing a hospitality sign company there are many factors to consider. We cater to all hospitality signage requirements, including digital, static, lettering, logos, interior, exterior, standard, and custom. We also offer awnings and canopies, as well as monument and pylon signage.

As a turnkey service company, we cater to your requirements from the initial planning to the installation phases of the signage and brand. We are highly experienced in creating commercial signage, from the design to the manufacture, transport, and installation stages. The hand-picked team dedicated to managing your project will also handle the site evaluation, building codes, permits, and other associated logistics. In addition, you can rely on us to do follow-up signage maintenance and service support where required.

The execution of a successful hospitality signage turnkey project relies on a wealth of experience, cohesive teamwork, consistent project management, and excellent products. Contact Kieffer | Starlite to find out how we can best suit your branding and hospitality signage needs.