2021 Signage Trends

Signage is a critical branding component of any business across all market segments. Not only does it create the first impression with consumer engagement at the local level, but it also reinforces your overall perceived brand value. 2020 escalated many trends that have been gaining momentum over the years, from leveraging technology to the way teams collaborate. As it relates to signage, our team wanted to share trends we continue to see in the industry for 2021.

Reusable Products
We typically think of how to utilize signage with existing materials. For instance, if a pylon sign already exists, we review the viability of reusing/repurposing the structure and integrating updated sign faces and lighting. If a sign needs a refresh, we review the lighting to see if a simple retrofit is a solution, creating energy efficiencies and longevity. Finally, most suppliers & manufacturers have product lines and processes that address the call for eco-friendliness, so this is a trend that is evolving into a best practice.

Digital Signage

Businesses incorporating digital signage has grown steadily over the years. 2020 escalated the need that can be solved by digital signage, real-time communication. Companies with digital signage were quickly able to communicate new stores hours and up to date business information. As a result, many companies began to understand the value and robust capabilities of digital signage and tech integrations to solve problems. Digital Signage today posted a great article on ways this trend is evolving to drive sales and create awareness and thank the community. Read more here.

Partner Consolidation
We see a shift in the market where customers need a partner who can handle the signage and branding from start to finish. While this has been a general direction within our industry, the pandemic continues to shape this trend with consolidated roles and the need to have partners who can handle more, turn-key.

Our team has over six decades of experience working with our customers to deliver the right signage program. Contact us for more information on developing a scalable plan for future market growth or leveraging the latest industry innovation.