A Look Behind Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Channel Letters are formed metal letters mounted individually or attached to a raceway and mounted as a single unit. This sign type gives a variety of options to customize your sign at an affordable price. Companies can differentiate their business by choosing custom fonts, finishes, vinyl applications, lighting, and mounting techniques. With all of the options available, it is no surprise Channel Letters are the most common sign type for businesses to include in their sign and branding program.

There are two common sign types:
1) Face Lit Channel Letters – LED’s are placed inside each letter and enclosed with an acrylic face.
2) Reverse Lit Channel Letters – the lighting is mounted on each letter’s back and reflects on the wall.

So let’s talk about what works best for your brand? Within your company’s brand standards, the approved signage specifications should be outlined. This serves as a guide moving forward, whether you have one location planned or more. When you work with a sign provider, they can quote and build your signage based on specified materials, lighting, and other factors. To learn more about the importance of brand standards, listen to our podcast related to storefront identification. While each sign has to be modified for each location, working from a standard ensures a consistent brand appearance.

Which type of channel letter should we specify in our sign program? Face Lit channel letters are the most common. There are many looks you can achieve, from the font to the face and trim color. Even 3M has unique film applications that can change the appearance day and evening. If you have a logo included in your design, Face Lit Channel Letters are very common to complement the logo and keep costs down.

Reverse Lit Channel Letters add a unique look with the lighting element that creates a halo or glowing look. This letter type can be a great application when you need to standout from others. If you have identifiable colors with your brand and want to make those colors more prominent, this is a great option.

Regardless of the application, consistency is key to making your brand make the most impact.
Here is an example of a recent installation for a grocery store chain that specifies Reverse Lit Chanel Letters. You can see the simple yet impactful sign design and how this application works well to make their signage stand out.

We partner with companies to make sure their brand is consistent and maximized at each location. As an extension of your team, we work to deliver exterior signage programs that connect with your customers and meet your vision. Contact us today for a complimentary specification review.