Benefits of Working with A Turnkey Sign Company

The pandemic has reshaped the market – from internal restructuring to the importance of being in touch with your customer base.  Signage is playing a significant role in communicating with customers than ever before.

A notable new signage example includes curbside pickup signs present throughout retailer’s parking areas. The signs guide the consumer where to go for curbside pickup and steps for a successful pickup. These signs are essential for brands offering curbside delivery and impact the consumer experience and ultimately their satisfaction.  As predicted, curbside pickup is a trend that is likely to stay post pandemic.

As it relates to behind the scenes, who manages the design, placement, and manages the project deliverables? All aspects of the project can be managed and delivered when working with a full-service signage provider. Businesses can benefit from working with a partner to understand their vision/needs and manage the project from concept to completion.

Here are the top three reasons we see clients seek a turnkey sign partner like Kieffer | Starlite.

  • Sign Design to Sign Installation. Kieffer | Starlite handles all aspects of the project based on the client’s needs.  Our client may already have a sign package developed, while others only have a concept or logo to work with to create a sign design. Our team steps in at any part of the process to provide design recommendations, help with local code review, develop sign specifications, location drawings, all the way through to installation.
  • In-house Sign Design and Manufacturing. Being able to take a sign design and work directly with the manufacturer allows for many advantages. Sign engineers can provide design and material recommendations to maximize the effectiveness and visibility of the sign. Performance needs and local codes can impact original sign specifications; reviewing these aspects are essential before approving the final sign design.  In-house manufacturing capabilities can also allow for more cost control and an aggressive production schedule if needed.  Click here for an example of a project completed by Kieffer | Starlite that was successful based on a manufacturing production strategy to meet the needed timeline.
  • Sign Industry Knowledge. While this seems obvious, working with a seasoned industry professional brings a lot of value to the overall program. Turnkey signage providers rarely have a project execute the same for each client, as each site location and local codes present its own unique set of requirements. Our team at Kieffer | Starlite has decades of industry experience, so we can pull from our knowledge on what has worked, gone wrong, and the right questions to ask to eliminate possible issues.

The role of a signage program for a brand is significant and one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. Signage can attract new customers and create a consistent brand experience if you have multiple locations. Many companies are looking at the benefits of working with a sign company that offers turnkey services from concept to installation to maximize value from their signage investment.  Contact Kieffer | Starlite to get us involved today.