COVID-19 and Looking Forward to Consumer Behavior

4.13.2020 – Looking Forward is a positive way our teams are engaging with customers across all markets. While there is uncertainty, there is a sense of comfort that we are all in these unprecedented times together. Most of our teams are working from home right now, and we need to connect and look forward.

Service industries ranging from hoteliers to retail to restaurants are reviewing changes that should be considered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, present, and future. Kieffer | Starlite has custom fabrication capabilities throughout our facilities, and our designers and engineers are helping review concepts and make recommendations on various prototypes being reviewed by customers. Here are examples of products we are seeing that can offer a healthier interaction for consumers.

Partitions & Sneeze Guards
Designed per the CDC guidelines, we are working with clients based on their store design to create partitions and sneeze guards. These provide another layer of protection for employees and customers and can create a sense of comfort. Given the store design and level of permanency, our teams can design a wide range of custom partitions. Mounting options include ceiling mounted, wall mounted or temporary, easy to remove solutions.

Temporary Signage & Vinyl Graphics
The CDC has a wealth of resources on how to communicate with the public regarding COVID-19. These can be printed and placed in temporary signage stands for interior or exterior use. Temporary signage stands work well for messages such as curbside pickup, delivery instructions, new hours, and other temporary communications. Also, vinyl graphics, including floor decals to informative window graphics, is another great tool to communicate with your customer.

Electronic Messaging Integration
Electronic Message Centers (EMC’s) provide an excellent opportunity to communicate up-to-date information in a highly visible format. Client discussions are moving from a nice to have, to revisiting plans to see if an EMC is a viable option. Read a previous article on EMC’s, and there are also several resources available for free content if you currently have an EMC. In the time of physical distancing, consumers are actively looking for signs and messages on the status of business operations and other essential details. Click here to view a previous article regarding EMC’s.

Self- Serve Kiosks
No one is certain of consumer behavior in the coming months and years. Self-Serve Kiosks are not new in the market and have been implemented in several QSR’s, airports, and grocery stores. Looking forward to trying to identify if there is a benefit to integrating self-serve kiosks is dependent on your market. Would the consumer possibly have increased comfort by being able to place an order while distancing? While no one knows the answer, it is worth considering and limited testing. And also, adding additional measures of comfort by allowing consumers to clean the kiosk screen or having a hand sanitizer stationed next to the kiosks.

If you would like to discuss your current strategy, contact us at 800.659.2493 or click here.  Our team continues to monitor the impact of COVID-19 across all markets we serve from retail to healthcare. A common thread is to plan and be prepared to adjust to new consumer patterns and create comfort through additional safety measures. This will help regain consumer confidence, support business and brand loyalty as well as gradually return to normalcy post COVID-19.