Electronic Message Centers in Response to COVID-19

4.6.2020 – Kieffer | Starlite works with clients to integrate Electronic Message Center’s (EMC’s) into their signage ranging from large-scale arena signage to gas price displays. Before a company determines the viability of an EMC, there are several upfront considerations, including local sign ordinances, budget, and communication goals.

COVID-19 and Real-Time Communication

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the importance of real-time communication, and EMC’s can be updated to communicate to the marketplace quickly. Updating the messaging immediately to announce new store hours, or a change in how customers can interact with your business has been apparent. Even messages to the community from schools stating school closures and sending students and families well wishes during this time. The benefits of electronic messaging are helping make it easy for consumers to view company information, and ideally positive/caring messages based on the audience of those with EMC’s.

On a recent outing, one of our employee’s noted 1-800-Flowers.com was still delivering, but the store lobby is closed. Their signage with the Electronic Message Center integrated provides an excellent opportunity to announce updates regarding their business operation in a highly visible manner.

While the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the value EMC’s can create for up-to-date communication for businesses, it also highlights the most effective ways to communicate offerings for the marketplace. Kelly David, Marketing Manager for Kieffer | Starlite comments, “Our teams have ongoing discussions on what we see changing in the marketplace. We know some subtle shifts will take place as a result of COVID-19. While some clients have halted construction and new build plans, we are reviewing plans with them to see if we need to incorporate changes once building resumes.” One common trend is for businesses to determine if an EMC makes sense to integrate into existing signage or include in new builds moving forward.

Benefits of Electronic Message Centers During COVID-19:

  • Redirect to websites if a business is closed or other ways to connect
  • Share important health and safety info with real-time updates, hygiene recommendations
  • Communicate offers and promotions, new hours of operation, store closures
  • Raise public awareness

Already have an EMC? Leading LED providers and our industry partners offer additional advice. Click here to read about Best Practices for Digital Signage recently published by Watchfire.  Daktronics is offering free COVID-19 content messaging, click here for additional details.

If you would like to discuss integrating EMC’s into your signage, connect with a member of our team. Click here to see examples of EMC’s completed by Kieffer | Starlite.