Employee Spotlights | John Stoesslein

Employee Spotlight: John Stoesslein

At Kieffer | Starlite, the success of our company is driven by the passion and dedication of our employees. We pride ourselves on having a work environment where our team can thrive, share ideas, and help us evolve. Our key differentiator is our team and the passion they have to be the best in our industry!

Today our Employee Spotlight showcases John Stoesslein.  John is an excellent leader and known for applying high standards to his work, and his ability to handle the many demands faced daily with a positive outlook. He is an integral member of the Kieffer | Starlite team who is always willing to go above and beyond to support our company, team, and clients. Read more about John and his experience at Kieffer | Starlite.

Role at Kieffer | Starlite: Senior Director Art and Design

What is a typical day for you at Kieffer | Starlite? There is no “typical” day when you are in the sign industry. First, I start by saying good morning to “The Crew” and giving them something positive to think about. I then go through emails and start scheduling. Then the fun begins. I begin doing Designs. Before the day ends, I finish the scheduling and say, “good night.”

What do you enjoy most about Kieffer | Starlite? First and foremost, I enjoy the people I work with. Kieffer | Starlite has some of the greatest people I have ever worked with. The second is the challenge. Every day presents a new challenge and the opportunity for accomplishment.

What do you find most challenging about your job? Hmmm… I would say your day can change at any second, and a new challenge will be presented to you.

What do you enjoy in your spare time? I love to do woodworking and create artistic pieces combining woodworking, designing, and laser art. Most of all, spending time with my Grandson Thomas and the rest of my family.