Employee Spotlights | Mark Kubick

Employee Spotlight: Mark Kubick

At Kieffer | Starlite, the success of our company is driven by the passion and dedication of our employees. We pride ourselves on having a work environment where our team can thrive, share ideas, and help us evolve. Our key differentiator is our team and the passion they have to be the best in our industry!

Today our Employee Spotlight showcases Mark Kubick. Known for his dedication and expertise, Mark has been with Kieffer | Starlite for 35 years. He goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding service and receives positive client feedback for the difference he makes for their signage program! Read more about Mark and his experience at Kieffer | Starlite.

Role at Kieffer | Starlite: Designer

What is a typical day for you at Kieffer | Starlite? After working in this business a while a day becomes typical. I start out with the design requests that I know I need to complete for the day, then I get the ones that need to be done during the day that are urgent and I didn’t know about. I like the urgent requests, it breaks up the day and makes it go faster.

What do you enjoy most about Kieffer | Starlite? I enjoy working with our design group/client services & engineering team, I like to say that we are all professionals. I would say that the work atmosphere is informal and easy going and always has been which is why I have been here all these years.

What do you find most challenging about your job? When I start a project I’m given a lot of information, usually but not always. The challenging part is putting it all together into a comprehensive package in the most timely manner possible. I have to keep in mind that this is first a sales presentation, but then a drawing gets reviewed by a lot of other people from Landlords to City’s & finally it will make it’s way to manufacturing, so there has to be enough information to pass all these hurdles.

What do you enjoy in your spare time? When I get spare time I like going to a nature setting for hiking or just hanging out. I also enjoy fishing, horseback riding, gardening & the occasional home improvement projects.

Bucket List Item: I always wanted to visit the great pyramids at Giza in Egypt, for some reason they have always intrigued me.