Employee Spotlights | Tim Harris

Employee Spotlight: Tim Harris
At Kieffer | Starlite, the success of our company is driven by the passion and dedication of our employees. We pride ourselves on having a work environment where our team can thrive, share ideas and help us evolve. Our key differentiator is our team and the passion they have to be the best in our industry!

Today our Employee Spotlight showcases Tim Harris. Tim is recognized as being a team member that continually goes above and beyond. One example is his passion for giving back to the local community. Each quarter Tim spearheads initiatives to give back in a variety of ways, including food drives and hands-on building efforts. While his activities are specific to the Chicago area, his efforts are recognized throughout the entire Kieffer | Starlite organization and inspire each location to get involved locally as well. Read more about Tim and his experience at Kieffer | Starlite.

Role at Kieffer | Starlite: Client Service Manager

What is a typical day for you at Kieffer | Starlite? I would say in the sign industry no day is ever the same. You have to really be on your toes for any issue that might arise throughout the day. The main goal is to really show your clients that you value them and you are willing to go over and beyond to make sure their needs are met.

What do you enjoy most about Kieffer | Starlite? I love working for a company where their employees are not just a number. It’s nice to be able to come to your management with changes you might think would benefit the company and they actually listen. Also, then even implement those changes as well. I came from a larger corporate job before arriving here and I just felt like a number. At Kieffer | Starlite I really feel valued as an employee.

What do you find most challenging about your job? I would say the most challenging part of the job is sometimes not being able to control certain aspects of the job. For example, the weather. If it rains or snows, it can impact your installation schedule.  In this industry there will be variables that you just have no control of that can impact your overall performance at times.

What do you enjoy in your spare time? Love to play sports. I play in a few recreational leagues. (Softball, beach volleyball, indoor volleyball, dodgeball, and kickball)

Bucket List Item:
I would love to visit Thailand someday.