Featuring the Best Project of 2019


1.23.20 – Kieffer | Starlite launched an annual internal contest to determine the Best Project of 2019. Several projects were submitted and displayed for the entire organization to vote on the best project.

BB&T Point Stadium was voted the Best Project of 2019, with over 50% of the votes company-wide. “This project encompasses the strength of our organization, teamwork and going above and beyond to meet the demands of the project,” states Kevin Hofert, President of Kieffer | Starlite.

BB&T Point Stadium is a $36 million ballpark that had an aggressive opening day, Kieffer | Starlite was a partner to deliver everything ranging from the scoreboard to the stadium wayfinding. Hofert adds, “Even members from our graphics team went out to assist in the install to help ensure project delivery. An “all hands on deck” made this project a success, and that story is what made this a Best Project of 2019.” Click here to view this project.