INFOGRAPHIC: When Brand Awareness is Pivotal, Kieffer | Starlite is Your Partner

Perception is pivotal to a marketing strategy, elevating a product or company into a brand—and this perception begins with brand awareness. Today, smart businesses in a variety of industries are turning toward signage to boost image building efforts and increase brand awareness.

Visualization is Key

Humans are visual by nature—90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Therefore, by leveraging visual data displays, businesses are unlocking their true potential to meet branding missions and goals. A powerful, cost-effective advertising medium, signage helps attract customer attention, communicating clever, customizable brand messaging to target markets, both indoors and outdoors. Your visual display is what people will notice and remember about your business, often creating a first and lasting impression that will directly affect the success of your business.

In fact, a popular FedEx survey found that:

  • 76% of American consumers enter a business they have never visited before based on its signs
  • 68% have actually purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye
  • 75% of consumers say they have told someone about a store based simply on its signage

As such, great sign design gives you an opportunity to stand out, while poorly maintained visual data displays can be worse than having no signage at all. As with all marketing strategies, signage is an investment—but ofttimes, once the provider has completed the installation, maintenance responsibilities fall back on the business. To ensure measurable ROI post-installation or past the warranty period, you need a signage partner… Kieffer|Starlite is that partner.

How Kieffer | Starlite Can Ensure ROI and Improved Brand Awareness

When branding, maintaining your image is paramount. Signage with failing lighting, damaged lettering or any other imperfections can hinder your image branding. Having a partner who understands the ins and outs of signage—that not only can fix any defects, but can make recommendations to improve its appearance—safeguards your ROI.

Kieffer | Starlite’s highly skilled technicians and service team are here to help service your sign, maintaining not only your investment, but your brand image as well. In example, for a company completing an LED retrofit. Kieffer | Starlite can do an exact replacement of existing components, or recommend an upgrade to the latest lighting while substantiating how the modernization will look, work, perform and more!

Kieffer | Starlite repairs, restores and improves damaged or faulty signage, replacing parts or making efficiency updates that ensure long term sustainability and improved ROI. Our service department has the capabilities required to perform a large range of different service requests, whether it be servicing high-rise building signage or performing maintenance on small directional signs, including:

  • Refacing faded or cracked faces, lettering and trimming caps
  • Repairing/replacing LED bulbs
  • Troubleshooting electronic message centers
  • Parking Lot Lights
  • Wall Packs
  • Cabinets
  • And more!

We also offer a service & maintenance plan that provides complete management of your brand signage.

Our experienced team will troubleshoot and repair any issues or propose a replacement when an investment in new signage may be necessary, helping to maintain your image while visually boosting brand awareness for years to come.

To learn more, contact us today.