Kieffer | Starlite Featured on CNBC The Profit

Tyler Neubauer - Kieffer | Starlite Consultant

12.4.18- Kieffer | Starlite was featured on The Profit, a popular show on CNBC where Marcus Lemonis lends his expertise to struggling businesses in various industries across the country.   As part of a new business venture, Lemonis invested in the NYC Bagel Deli and sought to rebrand the deli.  Watch the full episode of The Profit here.

Our team worked on this endeavor to create a new brand and storefront signage package.  Throughout the episode you can see first hand the impact branding can provide for a business. The transformation was amazing, and we were honored to be a national signage partner for Corey’s NYC Bagel Deli.

“And finally I want to set Corey and Rory with designers for a new logo and new signage so I’m bringing them to Kieffer | Starlite. A company that makes signs for some of the biggest businesses in America.” – Marcus Lemonis

Click here to view the Kieffer | Starlite case study on this project and see more pictures of the exterior branding and signage for Corey’s NYC Bagel Deli.