National Signage Company Highlights Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

Kieffer | Starlite continues to expand lean manufacturing efforts enterprise-wide. Lean manufacturing has many benefits that result in reduced waste, material efficiencies, and cost savings that directly benefit the customers we serve.

Stacy Hale, Lean Manufacturing Supervisor in Mt. Airy, actively trains our team on lean methodologies. Since joining our team, Hale immediately impacted our mission to deliver top-quality products at the best value within the sign industry. Hale identifies new ways to eliminate waste and focuses on direct value-added results. The video is a quick highlight from Hale on the benefits of lean manufacturing.

Kieffer |Starlite continues to optimize our manufacturing processes, strategically analyzing upcoming market challenges and seeking improvement in every step of our process. While the market continues to navigate material and labor shortages, lean manufacturing allows our team to innovate with available resources while minimizing waste while optimizing everything we do, from material purchasing to crating for sign shipment. Our team continues to set the bar for quality products and takes pride in the trade skills to deliver for leading national brands.

Kieffer | Starlite will continue to highlight additional manufacturing aspects over the following months leading to National Sign Manufacturing Day held on October 1, 2021. If you want to tour our facilities or are interested in joining our team, connect with us here.

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