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Allegacy Federal Credit Union

Full-service Rebranding for Local Bank

Financial | Advance, NC

Allegacy Federal Credit Union has become one of the largest credit unions in North Carolina serving more than 140,000 members worldwide. Whether seeking service for personal or business goals, they offer a with range of services from checking accounts to loans to financial planning.  With over 16 locations, Allegacy was voted one of the healthiest 100 places to work and continues to make an impact in their communities they service.

Allegacy recently underwent a rebranding effort and contacted the Kieffer | Starlite team to assist with their signage needs in Advance, North Carolina.

About the Solution

Kieffer | Starlite received the architectural drawings for the new brand and began to evaluate the signage needs for the Advance branch location. The signage package included channel letters, drive-thru ATM surrounds, directional signage and a new monument sign.

The immediate challenge faced was the original sign design for the channel letters would not be possible due to the building remodel.  Our team redesigned the drawings and recommended the addition of raceways for all channel letter installs. Quick action and approval kept the rebranding installation date for this project on track.

Along with the rebranding process, Allegacy had planned to relocate their monument sign so it would be closer to the main intersection of traffic. Prior to the installation, it was discovered that new utility lines would prohibit the new sign location. Our team immediately revisited the monument sign already built in our manufacturing facility and our engineering team reworked the design through small modifications to allow the installation into the existing brick base on site.  To enhance the existing design, we re-covered the based utilizing decorative stone to match the building.

The result was a rebranding effort that met the client’s deadline, while overcoming the various obstacles that occurred in the process. We are excited to help support such a fantastic financial brand in our community.


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