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BoomerJack’s Bar and Grill

Collaborative Partnership for Resturant Branding

Restaurant | Texas

Founded in 2001 with a single location, BoomerJack’s Grill & Bar has grown to over 13 locations across the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex, including a live-music venue, Bedford Ice House. They are established as a gathering place to relax, enjoy wall-to-wall TV’s for big games and enjoy delicious food and a cold drink. They continue to expand throughout North Texas, with plans for growth outside of the area.

Kieffer | Starlite has been a long-standing partner for BoomerJack’s for their restaurant signage and branding needs. From location conversions to new-build, our team consults with their team to create the best solution to maximize visibility, have brand continuity while working within the city ordinance parameters.

About the Solution

Signage is a critical factor for restaurants to maximize visibility and attract patrons. BoomerJack’s continually evaluates existing location signage to determine if changes and enhancements should be made. Kieffer | Starlite is continuously collaborating and reviewing the various BoomerJack locations to discuss ideas, challenges, and opportunities to make enhancements if needed.

Our expertise, supplier relationships, and manufacturing capabilities combine to help our team continually advise BoomerJack’s on the latest opportunities and trends in the restaurant industry. Once the signage is installed, we may determine that border LED lighting would assist in restaurant viability, or updating the light colors would refresh the location and create an added pop.

As BoomerJack’s expands, we also collaborate on the signage package for each site. Our team then works to ensure the signage is approved with the city, manufactured and installed on schedule.

Our partnership with BoomerJacks continues to strengthen as we evaluate trends and continually review each location to ensure signage and lighting is maximized to provide visibility and gain patrons.


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