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Ollie’s Bargain Outlet

Maximizing Signage Visibility for Retailers Storefront Branding

Retail | Wyoming, Michigan

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet is one of America’s largest retailers of closeouts, excess inventory, and salvage merchandise. With over 280 stores nationwide, they are a popular store for shoppers to find great deals on a variety of merchandise ranging from housewares to flooring to food.

Ollie’s was preparing to open a new store at a 60’s era strip mall in Wyoming, Michigan and needed Kieffer | Starlite to assist with their signage needs.  The design of the mall provided their 34,000 square foot space with no exterior wall for signage.  As their national signage partner, we immediately went to work on our plan of action with the city to help Ollie’s solve their problem.

About the Solution

Kieffer | Starlite surveyed the mall area and researched the sign code for the new Ollie’s store location.  The immediate challenge faced was the limiting city sign code that restricted the sign size to a maximum of 40 square feet. Given the size of the store, there was obvious concern that a sign that small would not be visible and potentially result in missed opportunities to promote their brand to passing traffic. Our team requested a variance to the city sign code.

We were successful in our request to increase their exterior sign size to 150 square feet.  This presented another challenge, as there was no exterior wall to for signage of this size.  We proposed to the city that we close in the mall entrance façade to create space for Ollie’s sign.  The city again granted us permission.  We then manufactured and installed a solid façade to the existing mall structure that seamlessly blended in with the rest of the center.

To ensure maximum visibility on the tenant pylon sign, a refresh to the top was negotiated with the landlord given the large size of the Ollie’s store.  Our team redesigned the top space where the mall name was, to allow for larger branding space for Ollie’s.

After obtaining approval on the new designs to the structures and signage, our team was able to manufacture and install the signage just in time for the grand opening. Ollie’s was very pleased with the final result and the way their brand is represented at the new location.


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