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Hampton Inn Miami Beach by Hilton

Sign Restoration and New Branding for Historic Hotel

Hospitality | Miami Beach, FL

The Hampton Inn Mid Beach is a brand new Hilton-branded hotel on Miami Beach, situated in the center of Collins Avenue. The property is a re-built hotel formerly known as The Continental, originally built in 1948.  With100 modern, sophisticated rooms, the hotel features a wide range of amenities in one of the U.S. leading tourism destinations.

The historically-designated property went through significant rehabilitation to reposition its interiors to align with the Hampton by Hilton brand.  As part of the exterior, there were three existing letter sets with Continental branding that needed to be restored. Also, new signage would need to be incorporated to reflect Hampton Inn branding.

As a preferred partner for Hilton, Kieffer | Starlite was selected to manage this property’s exterior signage needs.

About the Solution

Kieffer | Starlite is a turnkey partner for all signage needs for hoteliers across the U.S.  Due to this property’s historical nature, the three existing Continental signs could not be removed from the building. Since the restoration would need to be done on-site,  it was more efficient to rappel from the high-rise to restore the signs.  The existing letter sets were cleaned and painted to match the original coloring.   The existing exposed neon was removed, and new neon lighting was installed.

In reviewing the local codes and surveying the property, two new signs were proposed to incorporate the Hampton Inn branding. The sign design was vital to making the new branding prominent while flowing with the existing Continental signs.  The final sign solution included two custom halo illuminated channel letters, with construction specifications design for 180 mph wind speeds.

The final result showcases a well-designed property restoration seamlessly integrating with new branding.  Our team is proud to be a signage partner for this historic property open in Miami Beach.

Hampton Inn by Hilton Project

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