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Project Management





Our National Sign Company Services

Kieffer | Starlite offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of any signage and branding project.  We are your single source partner for all your signage needs.  Our team includes seasoned designers, project managers, engineers, installers, consultants and more to provide the best solution at all stages in the process. We offer a consistent experience that you can trust each time you partner with us.

What sets Kieffer | Starlite apart? Our team. We are dedicated to delivering the best solution to our customers. Our team works hard to make sure we get the job done right – every time.  We pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality products, superior customer service and competitive pricing.

National Sign Consultants

Experience is key and knowing the right questions to ask allows our team to make sure your project starts out on the correct path. From site evaluations to analyzing local ordinances to signage design, our team has years of experience resulting in an efficient and proven process for your signage and branding needs. We consult with each client to create the best solution long-term whether your needs are local or national.  We recommend an approach that will allow your brand to achieve maximize visibility, with an experienced team to manage your needs long-term.

National Sign Consulting

Kieffer | Starlite provides national sign consulting services that approach the problem from all angles. Our team will identify your immediate challenges and gain an understanding of your long-term goals to create the most effective solution. From our global network to our project management technologies, we will ensure your signage program meets your branding expectations from Texas to Canada and beyond.

Project Management

Our internal team specializes in the project details to ensure your project is completed per specification. With years of experience, our team takes pride in knowing how to make sure the project is on track and obstacles are simply just part of the process to a completed install.  From specialized accounts to large-scale projects, our experienced team provides a turn-key solution managing all aspects of your signage project – national or local.

  • Specialized teams are put in place to exclusively manage your identity program
  • Spreadsheet Project Tracking System sent electronically to all customers
  • Each Account Manager is supported by the installation and administrative staff dedicated to your specific customer account

Part of our success is understanding the logistics and often barriers for signage and identity solutions.  These details take active management that keep the project on track to create the best possible outcome for exterior signage and branding solutions.



Extensive site evaluations and in-depth architectural elevation reviews are conducted to ensure maximum identification.



A comprehensive analysis of city sign ordinances is performed to guarantee compliance with applicable codes, including landlord and lease agreements.



An aggressive approach allows us to expedite the permit process to obtain all necessary municipal approval prior to manufacturing and installation.



In the event a city’s sign ordinance is highly restrictive, we have proven strategies along with a high success rate of negotiating and convincing municipalities to get you optimal brand exposure.

You can expect from our team:

  • In-depth understanding of the entire signage and rebranding process
  • Clear communication regarding your project from answering questions to handling changes along the way
  • Ability to troubleshoot and problem solve to ensure your project is on track
  • Focus on keeping your project within budget and on schedule for the installation timeframe

Rest assured that our experienced team has a proven process that allows us to continue to be a leader in our industry. We pride ourselves on our skill set and expertise to meet and exceed client expectations on each project we are involved with.

Atlantic Aviation

1st Place Sign DesignIlluminated Signage Awarded by Illinois Sign Association

Sign Design and Engineering

Kieffer | Starlite’s  Design Team has been recognized within the industry for its creativity and innovative designs leading to numerous awards over the years. Our creative and experienced design and engineering professionals can transform your visions and ideas into distinct landmarks and identities.

Experience and vast knowledge of materials and fabrication techniques along with creativity give our designers the tools with which to conceive the product that best suits your needs within your budget.  Click here to learn more about our value engineering approach in sign design.

Our talented graphic design staff can develop the identification solution that best suits your needs.  We utilize the latest in design technology to illustrate vital information used in permitting and for sign placement for our clients.

Award-Winning National Sign Design

From concept to delivery, Kieffer | Starlite has vast experience in developing a brand identity for businesses across various markets. Our team works thoroughly to understand your vision and then works to create concepts leading to the right identity solution.  Click here to learn more about common questions and the benefits of developing sign standards.

National Sign and Manufacturing

Kieffer | Starlite is committed to developing the best products for our customers at a competitive price with the quality you expect from a national signage manufacturer.  Our manufacturing facilities are located in the US with over 190,000 sq. ft. of  company-owned manufacturing space:

  • Northern Manufacturing Operations – 110,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space
  • Southeastern Manufacturing Operations – 80,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space

We recognize that high-quality, cost-effective signage comes through the use of best-in-class manufacturing processes. We utilize these processes to produce signage that meets or exceeds Underwriters Laboratories requirements and is UL listed. Completed signage is provided with field instruction manuals and tracked with a computer-driven system to monitor service history.  We welcome you to stop by any of our facilities anytime to see how our team works together to create the best solution every time.

National Sign Identity Solutions

Deciding just how to design and create a national sign that is identifiable, but unique, is part of what we do best. Our national sign consulting and manufacturing services are geared towards getting your business where it needs to be with the right sign to represent you.

Research and Development

We are committed to developing the best products for our customers which includes experimenting with creative design ideas.  Our team remains on top of the latest technology – machinery, programs, and techniques, to help provide our customers with an appropriate sign solution that places their brand at the forefront of the public’s mind.

Sign Installation

After your sign has been manufactured, we have it crated and ready for delivery. Our licensed and experienced installation department then steps in to ensure the next step of the process is complete. Installation is one of the most critical aspects of the project. From ensuring all logistics are covered to having the right access and equipment to complete the job, our team has the expertise to complete the most challenging installs.

National Sign Service and Maintenance

Long after your project is complete, you can count on the Kieffer | Starlite Service team to be here to help you with your signage needs.   If your sign is broken, your image can fall to pieces. If your sign is not lighting properly, your customers are left in the dark.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Kieffer | Starlite is your one-stop shop for all your sign service and maintenance needs. We understand the importance that exterior signage has for your brand and business and can help whether your needs are local or national.

Kieffer | Starlite’s Service team provides industry-leading customer service, competitive rates, as well as the experience and reliability your brand requires to maintain a positive identity in the eyes of the consumer.

Our service department has the capabilities required to perform a large range of different service requests, whether it be servicing high-rise building signage in the city or performing maintenance on small directional signs on your local healthcare campus. Our service department has an extensive network of sign technicians across the country with the equipment needed to accommodate any of your sign service and maintenance needs.

Regardless if we did the project of not – we are here to help your brand look it’s best.  Here is an example of repair and services offerings:

  • Replacing Fluorescent Lamps
  • Damaged Neon / In-house Neon Plant
  • Bad Ballasts / Transformers
  • Parking Lot Lights
  • Broken / Damaged Faces
  • High Rise Work
  • Damaged Wiring
  • Replace LED’s / Power Supplies
  • Troubleshoot Electronic Message Centers
  • Painting
  • Wall Packs
  • Scheduled Cleanings
  • LED retrofits

Nationwide Service

Effective signage is critical and whether your needs are local or national, Kieffer | Starlite’s team is here to help.  We have a specialized team that works with local, regional and national brands to create simple and flexible options that address your signage needs and are tailored to fit your business.

Whether we partner based on an agreeable contract with fixed payments for all service related work, or simply manage your needs on a case by case basis our team creates a cost-effective service to ensure your image is always at it’s best.

LED Retrofits

We have extensive knowledge and experience required when executing national sign retrofit programs for some of the largest brands nationwide.  From the consultation phase, all the way to project completion, Kieffer | Starlite has a proven track record of success in completing national retrofit programs.